The Robert R. Hemphill Company has extensive experience with the development process here in Austin.   In 1986 working with a firm in Dallas we were directly involved in the construction of four industrial buildings.  This experience has been invaluable help to us when evaluating raw land, investment property and the cost of improvements.  We have built relationships with reputable contractors, architects and engineers.  We also know who to work with and how to negotiate through the ever changing maze of development requirements at the City of Austin. 


The buildings that were constructed were developed speculatively.  What this means is that we were constructing the buildings on the strength of the market and anticipating that we could secure a tenant once the property was complete.  After a tenant was found there was still a great deal of work involved in finishing out the interior of the building.  The city of Austin has strict guidelines for the construction of building interiors.  Even after the plans are completed, city inspectors watch and approve each step of the process.   In the photo to the left we show off the air-conditioned warehouse area of a 13,000 square foot manufacturing area.  The insulation can be seen between the joists. The light fixtures have been lowered to help provide light to the tenants specifications. 


The build to suit process is a development of a different nature.  Typically the end user or tenant is looking for a specialized facility.  This will be a building with unique features that do not readily exist in the current inventory of space on the market.   This process is usually very competitive in the fact that the tenant will select the land or site.  Robert R. Hemphill was involved in the construction of the 40,000 square foot Ashland Chemical building located in Ben White Business Park.


The photo, left, shows the completed interior of the Ashland Chemical warehouse.  Here the client examines the quality of the warehouse area.    


The photo at right shows the construction process for a 16,000 square foot building  constructed in Walnut Creek Business Park. 




One of the first developments here in Austin was the Walnut Creek Distribution Center located in North East Austin   








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