The Atrium at Highpoint in Dallas, Texas is a ten story office complex totaling  221,000 square feet.   Despite the architectural design and construction materials, it was evident that the developer had not given a great deal of thought to the future aesthetics or amenities needed in a competitive market place.  This interesting property presented some unique marketing challenges because it had been built primarily for a single tenant.


A property's lease is the key financial building block for income properties.  The quality of your tenants and the structure of your leases determines how the financial footings of your building  will stand up.  In a "tenant's market", positioning a building to stand out among its competitors is crucial.  That's why your leasing agent's  ability to listen, think quickly, and sell to the needs of the prospect make the difference.  Lease rates are determined by the supply and demand in any given market.





Some firms represent only tenants claiming this is an advantage.   We believe just the opposite.   This is truly an advantage to our clients.  It allows us to come up with creative solutions to complex negotiations. When you understand  both the owners and  the tenants  perspective  it gives you a competitive advantage.  You know how they think and what issues are most important.  We believe our experience and first hand knowledge gained from working for both sides of the transaction .



We have extensive experience representing doctors and dentist in the lease or purchase of medical facilities. 





There is just something about an empty floor that brings out the creativity in a leasing agent. 





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