The Robert R. Hemphill Company has extensive experience in the management and leasing of office buildings, industrial complexes, office service centers, and retail centers.   Robert R. Hemphill holds the CPM (Certified Property Manager) designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management.  Mr. Hemphill's experience includes the management of several high-rise office projects owned by Metropolitan Life in Dallas, Texas.  These buildings include Twin Towers, a 450,000 square foot property and Mockingbird Towers, a 520,000 square foot complex composed of two twelve-story towers.


Mr. Hemphill managed and leased the 250,000 square foot 823 Congress Ave high rise office building located in the central business district of Austin. Presently, the Robert R. Hemphill Company manages a portfolio of properties that includes office buildings, retail centers as well as a parking garage in downtown Austin.

We currently manage and lease the 814 San Jacinto Building in Downtown Austin.  Major tenants include Frost National Bank, International Bank of Commerce, State Farm Insurance, and the Save Our Springs Alliance.





Property Management Services:

  1. Prepare a plan to meet the owners goals & objectives

  2. Develop a comprehensive property budget

  3. Provide the owner with detailed management reports

  4. Collect tenant rent

  5. Prepare rent escalations

  6. Handle day to day maintenance issues

  7. Coordinate and supervise all repairs

  8. Oversee general maintenance: landscaping, clean-up.

  9. Prepare and mail out of monthly tenant billings

  10. Coordinate invoices and bill payments

  11. Lease Administration

  12. Review Lease expirations and renewals

  13. Construction and tenant finish 

Custom Management Services:


We can provide varying levels of management services.  Some of our clients don't need or require the typical full management contract.  For these customers we can provide the exact level of service needed. For some of our out of town owners, we simply handle maintenance calls and perform scheduled property inspections.  For other clients we handle every aspect of the property including, paying the mortgage, property taxes and preparations of tax documents.   


Call us and let us customize the level of services you need to take care of your valuable real estate investment.   

We are actively involved in the day to day management and leasing of industrial and service center properties.    Our  experience includes the 50,000 square foot Cross Creek Business Center, and the 110,000 square foot Walnut Creek Distribution center 







Accounting Services:



1.        We use and automated accounting software program called Yardi

2.        The software is an excellent tool to produce accurate monthly financial reports,

            including balance sheet, cash flow, general ledger & all transactions.

3.        Year end report prepared for tax purposes

4.        Monthly or quarterly reports to owners

5.        Payments of all bills and disbursements of funds to owners





 Robert R. Hemphill, CCIM

Voice 512-474-2224 Cell 512-965-6377 Fax 512-474-4224

1300 West Lynn, Suite 110, Austin, Texas 78703


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