I am dedicated to representing the interest of my clients.  My experience, professionalism and dedication to see a job  done right  are my most important credentials.  Everyone should utilize a broker  experienced in tenant representation in lease negotiations. 




As the primary broker for The Robert R. Hemphill Company, I bring twenty years of commercial real estate  experience to the table.    I specialize in office building sales, leasing, and management.    I have established a reputation in the marketplace for performance.      rage you to contact any of these at your discretion.                                                                     



Working the market daily keeps me familiar with its conditions, buildings, trends and landlords.  Thus my  perspective becomes invaluable when negotiating with the landlord.  Considered a "wholesale dealer", I talk the same language as the landlord and as a result, I get straight answers.




With full information on the entire marketplace in our computer databases, we can professionally assist clients in defining requirements, and establishing meaningful parameters.  With this information a total analysis of the marketplace happens in much less time and with greater accuracy.  As your exclusive broker, the Robert R. Hemphill Company will qualify the building, the landlord, the management, and all basic terms offered for each building.




As your exclusive broker The Robert R. Hemphill company acts as a buffer for tenants who do business with more than one landlord or developer. This preserves the tenant's business relationships and allows for an unbiased third party (the broker) to negotiate on behalf of the tenant.  I am also able to concentrate on the business points of the deal and rank priorities of the tenant on an absolutely impartial basis.  My ability to buffer the tenant and act as an unemotional third party in negotiations benefits deals closing in a "win / win" fashion.



Commissions are a real cost of doing business and are treated no differently than architectural fees, landscaping fees, management fees.   The lender requires that all of these costs be included in the pro forma rental rate to be achieved for the building.  Leasing commissions allocated within the pro forma will be paid to either:  1) the leasing agent who represents the interests of the landlord; 2) the broker who represents the interest of a tenant; or 3) directly to the bottom line profit of the developer. In essence, leasing commissions are included in the financing package of the building. Therefore, each tenant should take advantage of securing the professional representation of an experienced and qualified broker.

Our services are provided at no cost to you.


We will analyze and compare all buildings on an "apples to apples" basis including such issues as square footage measurements, rental rates, measurement of utilities, tenant finish work letters, escalation clauses, etc.

For example:  Square footages can be quoted as gross, net rentable, rentable, single tenant rentable, multi-tenant rentable, net usable, usable.  We will establish a uniform method of measurement for the tenant's space and make sure each building makes its proposal on the same basis of measurement.

A second example:  Each building factors its work letter and tenant construction allowances on a wide variety of differing ratios and methods of space measurement.  Our experience in negotiating the work letter as a separate instrument to the lease agreement will assure the tenant attaining the most value for each dollar.  In addition, we can often assistance in structuring additional financing for improvements on behalf of the tenant.  




The entire staff at The Robert R. Hemphill Company are committed to providing our clients quality real estate services.   Professionalism, dedication, reliability hallmark our company.  Let us prove it to you!





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